Hanwell Carnival 2016

We’ve supported the Hanwell Carnival for many years; running Dr Bikes at the fair itself and taking part in the parade as it winds from Hanwell Community Centre through Greenford and into Elthorne Park. This year was no exception and we provide the usual Dr Bike service as well as show cased our cargo bikes. Our Ealing cargo bike sharing scheme was very popular with lots of tryouts, some sign ups on the day and even some ad-hoc uses with one person needing to get some bulky items back home and a nearby stall wanting to get all their equipment back to the car park some distance away, and our first dog. All in a days work for us our bikes.

Couple with meeting lots of trainees from our maintenance and cycle training courses and the local MP and leader of the council it was a great day out. Look forward to 2017 and handling the logistics of the programme via our bikes again.

 1-IMAG1097  1-IMAG1105  Rupa Huq Ealing MP
 1-IMAG1103  1-IMAG1098  1-IMAG1099

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