Second hand bikes

The bulk of the refurbished bikes we have for sale here have been donated to us by members of the public, and consist mainly of adult mountain bikes, with a few hybrids, road bikes (racers/tourers), and traditional town bikes. We also have some children’s bikes, which are predominantly small mountain bikes and BMXes.

While quite a few of the bikes are from more affordable brands like Apollo and Trax, we do also have some from Raleigh, Carrera, Specialized, Trek, etc, so it’s worth keeping a regular eye on this page to see if we might have what you’re after. Our prices range from as little £25 for some of the children’s bikes, up to £300 for some of the more high-end adult mountain and road bikes. Most of what we sell is priced between about £60 and £125, and comes with a three-month warranty.

The bikes are restored partly under our all-ability cycling programme (where those with learning difficulties are trained in bike maintenance), and partly by our volunteers and paid mechanics. All bikes undergo an extensive check by one of our professional mechanics before they’re made available for sale. Proceeds from sales of refurbished bikes go to purchase parts to get more bikes up and running for sale, and to fund our various projects.

If you see a bike below that you’d like to take for a test ride, please call or text Jon on 07852-521577, or email first (, as we can sometimes be too busy dealing with customers to update this page as soon as a bike sells. Otherwise, if you’re in the area, feel free to drop in and see what we have in stock – our opening hours are Wednesdays from 11am to 5pm, Thursdays from 12 noon to 3pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

In addition to bikes we sell used bike parts, such as frames, forks, wheels, brakes, gears, saddles, etc. If you’d like to repair your bike yourself, we make these used parts available at very good prices.

White Ridgeback ladies' 602LX mountain bike with 17in frame

  • BIKE: Ridgeback 602LX
  • TYPE: Ladies Mountain bike
  • FRAME: 17in aluminium
  • WHEEL SIZE: 26in
  • SPEEDS: 21
  • BRAKES: V-brake
  • PRICE: £200 (reduced from £275)
  • MORE INFO: click here