Corporate services

Cycling is a healthy and sustainable means of transport, so why not encourage staff to start cycling or keep on cycling? We work with both large and small organisations including such names as British Standards Institute, Shell UK, Bechtel and Rackspace as well as the NHS.

Bike servicing
We can provide bike servicing which varies from “light touch” to more in-depth, depending on your requirements and budget. Bikes can be returned with report cards detailing what work has been carried out and suggested further work. Our mechanics can also fit parts and accessories.

Cycle training
For those wishing to try cycling, we can organise individual lessons from home to workplace, or even group rides as part of a social programme.

Need advice on cycling? We can help with starting a bicycle user group, a pool-bike scheme, sustainable transport and other consultancy.

Pool bikes
We can supply any number of bikes to establish a pool of bikes for a site. These can be shared between staff or allocated to individuals, and can range from bare-bones commuter models to fully-equipped bikes with locks, panniers and tools. We strongly advise that we also supply regular servicing to keep the bikes in good running order.