Smoothie makers

We have a number of pedal-powered smoothie makers that are a really eye-catching way to attract people to an event and engage passers by. What better way to get people interested in cycling or healthy eating than getting them to choose a selection of fruit and then make it themselves before their very own eyes?

We offer two services:


The hire of the equipment, which consists of a stand that a bicycle is parked into, and a blender. You supply a bike, cups and suitable ingredients. People can bring their own bikes but we suggest using the same bike for the whole session. We’ll show you how to set up the equipment, supply instructions and offer advice, and let you know what to put in it and how to use it to full effect. We can even deliver and collect at a reasonable cost.


We’ll turn up with the equipment plus a bike suitable for most people, as well as a supply of ingredients and cups, and two people to run the show. We are happy to turn up across London and beyond, but some areas may incur additional charges for travelling and set-up time. When working with schools, we can also run an educational themed session with a focus on healthy eating as well as business planning and marketing for older students.

We will also consider variations on these two options; for example, a strawberry farm hired us and supplied all the fruit whilst we provided the equipment and people.

Smoothie maker